Yeezus, Ye, and Free Thought

Yeezus, Ye, and Free Thought

Sometimes, I think bad things, really bad things…

#Samehere, and that’s okay.

Kanye West, Yeezus, or simply Ye, has reintroduced free thought to humanity. West’s newest album, ‘ye’, is unapologetic in its display of the eponymous artists’ ego death. Instead of taking offense to his recent twitter statements and unfiltered lyrics off ‘ye’, it’s necessary to listen to his genius from outside of one’s body, and comprehend it from a higher perspective.

Our universe works in duality, and its prevalent in nature and man-made society. Masculine and feminine energy conflict naturally, yet when drawn together creates a beautiful unification. Democratic and Republican ideologies have a 50:50 split of the same nature, and when put together can create bipartisan legislature that supports the whole instead of the half.

In his display of love toward Donald Trump, Kanye is symbolically bridging the gap between two ideas of thought for the sake of bringing humanity past stagnation. In his reference to the 400 years of slavery, West believes the black community is under control of the elites of both political parties which is why we’re not seeing progress. Democrats who garner the black vote every election cycle without making any progress in Chicago or to the water crisis in Flint are just as much to blame for society’s problems as are the Republicans setting up America’s modern day concentration camp.

As much as fighting the other side seems like the answer–it isn’t. The Answer?

iterations of ideas are how culture evolves.

— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) April 20, 2018

Independence, communication, and love is the answer, but it cannot be achieved when one’s free thought is manipulated by constraints dragging you to one end. In this timeline where Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, the duality of U.S ideologies tips in the balance. The refusal to compromise and love the enemy is what causes tension, but in utilizing his free thought to bring a new direction to ‘Make America Great Again’, Kanye eases the grip that democrats have on black America, and augments the possibility for an independent party to take the presidency and bringing America’s opposing voices together.

Global consciousness and unity is West’s vision for the future, and he believes that it can be achieved through nonpartisan cross-communication between people with different values, cultures, and thoughts. To achieve this end, Ye has epitomized himself as the bridge between progressives and conservatives by preaching love and support to Donald Trump.

This did not come without cost, and neither will expressing your personal free thought in any point in time. Kanye sacrificed his ego and his image for the sake of making others feel as though its okay to say something out of line or something that everyone may not agree with, because it may just be the idea, or the exchange of that idea, that changes the world.

Yeezus, Ye, and Free Thought
1909 Rider Waite Tarot.

The World represents the end of a life cycle, and is an indicator of inexorable change. Kanye West was renown for his egotistical nature as ‘YEEZUS’, but is now branding himself (evident through this album) as ‘ye’, the Kanye without the ego–the all love Kanye.

 ‘Ye’ is the rebirth of Kanye West and a step forward to the evolution of the human collective. By dissolving his ego, ye becomes like the enlightened one’s before us. As a messiah, ye’s message from the universe is to spread free thought and love for all people and ideas. When people acknowledge this idea, opposing tensions will merge and our world’s vibration will evolve like ye.

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